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At GRACENTUR - GRANDE CENTRO TURISTICO, LDA we value your privacy. We want you to feel secure while you make your reservation. We are aware of your concerns about the privacy of your personal information and will not allow it to be tampered with. 



GRACENTUR - GRANDE CENTRO TURISTICO, LDA is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data, assuming the commitment that it will be carried out in accordance with the Law. 

Due to the need to comply with the service contract and compliance with legal obligations, there are several circumstances in which a user's personal data is requested for treatment by GRACENTUR - GRANDE CENTRO TURISTICO, LDA, and it can not confirm the execution of the pre- service contracts if the user chooses to deny the provision of the required data. 



The personal data we collect are communicated at the time of collection and its details are found in the various Privacy Notices for this purpose. For my information see Legal Notices. 

They can be placed in the file upload area of ​​the site, information that does not relate to the process, all the content of the contact is deleted and your request will not be analyzed. By which we use your personal data only to respond to the requests you submit and the use you make of the company's website, in order to allow us to give you the best and most pleasant browsing conditions in the use of the services provided.   

Personal data of minors and health data may be sent by the user during the course of our services, namely for reservation of accommodation unit or reservation linked to the area of ​​food and beverages (Name, age, allergies or food intolerances). The data provided through the website does not allow us to confirm the consent of sensitive data and / or the consent of the responsible persons of the minors, nor to determine the age of the user who is providing the data, given the technology provided. We can not be held liable for the lawfulness of the processing of personal data provided by persons who commit fraud regarding their identity. 

GRACENTUR - GRANDE CENTRO TURISTICO, LDA does not intend, in any way, to treat information of minors under 16 years of age. 

We do not collect special categories of personal information. Sensitive information includes data relating to race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, life and sexual orientation and criminal record data. 



Under the RGPD, all data processing activities must be legitimized by a legal basis. In this context, we will only use your data for the following purposes: 

  • Compliance with contractual and pre-contractual obligations 
    • Reservation management of accommodation units, rooms or meals; 
    • Management of requests and preferences of customers in reservations; 
    • Event management; 
  • Legitimate interest, namely to personalize and improve the customer experience through the improvement and development of the products and services provided: 
    • Management and customer loyalty by conducting satisfaction surveys in accommodation and catering services as well as all adjacent and complimentary services; 
    • Communication of offers and special events to clients with whom a contractual relationship has been established; 
  • Compliance with legal obligations, 
    • Responding to requests for information in legal proceedings or requests from administrative authorities or other third parties to detect and prevent fraud or to protect their interests or third parties 
    • Complaints management; 
    • Information about guests, for Foreign Services and Borders. 
  • Consent, 
    • Marketing and communication of products and services; 
    • Future Recruitment Processes; 

As service providers, we communicate regularly with our customers by email, namely to: 

  • Reservations: notification of reservations (changes, details, cancellations or specific requests) 
  • Before arrival: to facilitate the arrival at the accommodation site and to provide additional information. 
  • After and during the stay of the client: to obtain feedback of the stay and to provide information that may affect the client during his stay 



Please inform us of any changes in the information we have about you so that we can have the correct and current information in our systems. 

At any time and when applicable to the processing we carry out, you may exercise your rights in relation to your personal data: 

  • obtain a copy of your personal data, together with information on how and on what basis the personal data are processed; 
  • correct inaccurate personal data; 
  • erase or limit your personal data in limited circumstances when they are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected or processed; 
  • limit the processing of your personal data; 
  • ask for data portability; 
  • oppose automated individual decisions. 

To exercise your rights or withdraw your consent contact us through the email address: 

In addition to the above, and in case the company was not competent in the resolution of the complaints presented, it has the right to submit such a complaint to the competent control authority - National Commission of Data Protection. 



As service providers, we need to hire third parties that provide us with varied services, essential for us to comply with our contractual obligations to our customers. 

In this process, personal information may be transferred, filed or handled by Group companies and by companies providing marketing and communication services, website management, marketing platform management, recruitment and temporary work, computer services, technical assistance and business partners (including credit card details as a guarantee of your reservation). The information may be processed in a country other than the country in which it was collected and the origin of the data subjects. In such cases the transfer of data is done in accordance with the requirements of the General Regulation of Data Protection. When the transfer of personal data is made to a country outside the Union, appropriate guarantees will always be provided by means of binding rules and legal force, such as standard clauses approved by the Commission. 

If there are situations that for legal reasons or for a justified purpose we have to share personal data, we will only do it with the necessary and legally obligatory personal data, such as: Foreigners and Borders Services, Health Line or Firemen for transportation of patients and Hospitals for hospitalization. 

When the transfer is made to other companies of the Group, it is always carried out based on the Group's Privacy Policy and in case they exist, based on the corporate rules, binding for data controllers and subcontractors. If you wish to have more detailed information, contact us through the information indicated in the "Our Contacts" section. 



We undertake, to appropriately and diligently protect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data, by adopting appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect stored personal data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure. For this purpose, all employees are required to keep their personal data confidential and comply with internal policies and procedures. The company has implemented technical measures such as: up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, SSL encryption for sensitive data (credit card and reservation form), firewalls, frequent backups and restricted physical and digital access. 

While no security measures are 100% effective and secure, we are constantly striving to protect your data by periodically reviewing the measures taken. 



If you have any questions about how we use your personal information or if you want to investigate the exercise of any rights related to your personal data, you can contact us at any time through the following contact: 


Morada: Avenida Marginal, 8554 – 2750-427 Cascais 


The company is committed to working to find the best and most just resolutions for complaints regarding the processing of personal data that it may have submitted. 


Date of last publication: May 2018 

Note: The Data Privacy Policy may be updated as necessary. You can always check when the last change was made, since this information is available in the version and date on which it was published. Changes to the Data Privacy Policy are effective as of the date of their publication. Frequent consultation is advised to check the changes made.