A true Five Star experience

The experience by the "Luxe Bible"

Miragem Water Lounge at Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa

The "Luxe Bible" has been at Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa and the journalist Ashleigh Whitfield shared her experience in the stunning coastal town of Cascais.

Starting with the iconic and "opulent jaw dropping lobby", passing through the relaxing Miragem Water Lounge were "you’ll feel like you’re in paradise", continuing with the gastronomic experiences in our restaurants where "enjoyed absolutely impeccable service from the staff at Gourmet" and not forgetting the wonderful and impeccable service from the staff throughout the hotel.

Discover the full experience here.

"Our stay at Cascais Miragem Health & Spa was nothing short of fabulous, from service, to location and facilities, it was a true five star experience."