Protocole Covid-19

Apprenez à connaître ici notre protocole sûr et propre

En raison des derniers événements mondiaux liés au Covid-19 et pour la protection des Clients et des employés, l'Hôtel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa suit les recommandations et directives des autorités compétentes. En pensant à votre santé et votre bien-être, nous vous informons que certains de nos services sont temporairement suspendus ou limités ainsi que certains de nos espaces ont un accès conditionné : les services de l'hôtel (de nourriture et de boissons et le reste) ont été restructurés et sont fermés ou en service minimal pour les clients de l'hôtel. ​Merci de votre compréhension.


Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa

Ensures the Highest Standards of Cleanliness & Safety

The health and safety of our Guests and Staff is and always will be our number one priority.
We have been leaders in hospitality when it comes to quality, exacting standards, and meticulous training, and now, in line with

Portuguese Health Authorities and World Health Organization recommendations:
we have implemented a new multi-pronged approach to enhance existing measures. This includes new protocols, technology and protections for all.


All Staff have received specific training on “Clean & Safe Program”and COVID-19 protocols, particularly those with frequent guest contact including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Recreation, Hotel Operations, and Security.

Personal Protection

Face protection mask or shield 
Following the Portuguese Health Authorities regulations, the use of face protection masks or face shield is mandatory for all Hotel staff and Guests and clients.

Social Distancing

With spacious areas and outdoor terraces Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa can comfortably ensure social distancing and maintain privacy for all.
By maximizing the use of our space, from lobby to pools, gardens, restaurants and bar, you will be able to relax at a safe distance.


At main entrance of the Hotel, for Guests and Staff, we conduct non-evasive temperature check.
​Anyone displaying a temperature over 37,5°C will be escorted to a private area for a secondary temperature screening. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the Hotel at high-contact areas, from guest and staff entrances to reception areas, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces, elevator landings, pools, and more.

Personal Protective Equipement (PPE)

In adherence to Portuguese authorities’ regulations and guidance, appropriate PPE is worn by all Staff and Supliers in line with their roles and responsibilities.

Disifection Products and Protocols

We adhere to protocols mandated by Portuguese authorities and use industry-leading cleaning and sanitization products
​which have been approved for use against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Air Filter and HVAC Cleaning

The frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning has been increased to ensure fresh air exchange is optimised.