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The dedicated team at Hotel Cascais Miragem is at your service taking care of every detail when it comes to your event or special occasion. Ideal for conferences, small or large meetings and product launches, Hotel Cascais Miragem offers a variety of different meeting rooms and versatile spaces to ensure the perfect solution for every occasion.

Known for the best and most versatile selection of meetings and events space available on the Coast of Lisbon, Hotel Cascais Miragem offers 18 meeting rooms and 2 banqueting rooms with capacities for up to 600 people. 

Meeting Room I

With an area of 444 m2 and a magnificent sea view, 4m height and capacity up to 400 people in theater style or 250 people for set menu. Versatility to allow large exhibitions or even product launches, It offers easy access to load big materials as also has a adjacent cloakroom space located on the gallery floor, a privileged area of the Hotel with a mezzanine with around 900m² where it’s possible to serve coffee breaks, cocktails and lunches.

Meeting Room II

This room with 210m² and 5m height has capacity for 115 people in classroom style or 200 people in theater style. It is often used for events that require in addition to the meeting space a adjoining space for a exhibition where Sala I could be a good option.

This room is located in a very spacious foyer, where it’s possible to set very comfortably a welcome desk for the registration of the guests, has natural light and where it´s possible to enjoy the coffee breaks with fantastic view for the Ocean and the Bay of Cascais.

Meeting Room I+II

Prepared for big events, Sala I+II it’s a unique place with 654 m² and with a magnificent view for the Cascais Bay. This room has 5m height and capacity for meetings up to 600 people in theatre style, up to 400 people for a set menu dinner, also has the versatility to allow large exhibitions or even car launches. It can be divided into two rooms, one with around 450 m² and another with around 210m², allowing to create all kinds of environments.

It offers easy access to load big materials as also has a adjacent cloakroom space located on the gallery floor, a privileged area of the Hotel with a mezzanine with around 900m² where it’s possible to serve coffee breaks, cocktails and lunches.

Meeting Room III

Located on the gallery floor has a foyer very close to the room with approximately 100m² where can be served welcome coffees, coffee breaks or cocktails. It is the second largest Hotel room with 331m² and capacity for 120 people in cabaret or 140 people seated buffet.

Meeting Room IV e V

With 47 m², these rooms are extremely privileged for its location in the gallery floor next to the mezzanine where guests can enjoy a unique ocean view. It is still close to the Oceanus Bar where can be organized coffee breaks, presentations and cocktails for groups up to 100 people. In this place the guests can also enjoy the fantastic view for the ocean. These rooms are very central and used several times as offices for the events. It can be set up a board room up to 16 people.

Meeting Room VI e VII

Located on the gallery floor and being the closest rooms to Room I + II, are often used for breakouts of room I + II, due to their size (+/- 120m²) allows to set up a U shape of 30 people in each room or theater up to 90 people or classroom up to 70 people. On the other hand, these rooms are the most requested when a office requires more than one table or due to the proximity of largest meeting rooms and the accessibility to the other floors.

Meeting Room VIII, IX, X e XI

On the floor of the gallery, with areas between 37m² and 49m² and capacity up to 14 people in board room shape, they are often used as breakouts or offices. Its proximity not only for the Sala I + II, but also for the Salas VI and VII allows the guests to have in the same corridor the availability of 6 independent and adjoining rooms. These rooms have also the Gallery foyer that may be used as support for the coffee-breaks of the events that might happen in the same area.

Meeting Room XII+XIII

Located on the lobby floor and next to the Business Centre Hotel. When combining the Sala XII and XIII has a total area of 210 m² and capacity for up to 212 people theater style or 102 people in cabaret. It is a privileged area for its location near the entrance of the Hotel and easily accessible.

By having a removable partition gives the possibility to be divided with two separate rooms, in this case the room XII with the area of 141m² a table that enables U to 42 people. If you choose to use only the room XIII, will have available an area of 71 m², with capacity for 25 people with table U or 65 theater-style.
It can function as the breakout room XII and Vice versa.

Meeting Room XIV+XV

Room with natural light, extremely versatile, due to the possibility of holding lunch or dinner in buffet format up to 70 people. The room features a central column that can optimize the space specially to the set up of the buffets making it a unique room. It also allows to hold meetings for about 80 people in theater and placing a coffee station inside the room if the guest doesn’t wish to interrupt the meeting.

Meeting Room XVI

It has capacity up to 30 people in U shape or for 70 people in a theater, this room with natural light and an area of 79 m² and is one of the most requested by our repeated guests for its location, layout and access facilities.

Meeting Room XVII e XVIII

Due to its location, these rooms with about 35 m² each, can be used as breakouts with a board room shape for 10 people or as a storage or office room for groups that are having a meeting in the lobby level.

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